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The fact that wastes are produced in different areas but have a need to be assembled at a single point makes Collection and Transportation (C&T) an integral and vital part of waste management. Collection and transportation processes involved the collection of biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste either from specific households or streets and transporting those using suitable vehicles to a designated disposal area.

SWMS has partnered with the Corporations of Tiruppur and Tirunelveli, and many other Municipalities to carry out the Primary and Secondary collection and transportation.

Taking Wastes
To Where It Matters

There has been a growing insistence on segregation at source. This has resulted in people becoming increasingly aware of the environment and the importance of segregating wastes. However, the onus of transportation and collection does not fall upon the people. In this endeavour, collection and transportation facilities have been introduced by Municipalities and Corporations.

Our Works

Currently, SWMS handles C&T work for


SWMS has been doing C&T service to

Neyveli Lignite Corporation (NLC)

SWMS had provided C&T services to


Our Process

The primary collection process involves collecting wastes from the doorsteps of every household. The general process follows a three-bin approach.

The wastes are segregated into biodegradable, nonbiodegradable, and domestic hazardous waste in suitable separate bins.

The collected waste is transferred by hand carts, tricycles, and autorickshaws to compactor bins or transfer stations.

The collected wastes will be accumulated in hook loaders and other vehicles that are kept ready in strategic locations.

The vehicle then goes around the city for collecting the wastes and it is transferred either to disposal sites or to processing/recycling facilities.